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Kurtenbach: James Wiseman is the Warriors’ future — he might need to be their present, too

The Warriors’ embarrassing start to the season has one bright spot: rookie center James Wiseman.


The Warriors could have used two more Wisemans in their Christmas Day loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Without Klay Thompson for the season and without Draymond Green for the first two games, the Warriors have been looking for a No. 2 scoring option to Stephen Curry.

They might have found it in the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, James Wiseman. And while that’s a compliment to the Warriors’ rookie, it’s not a good thing for the Dubs, overall.

The start to this season has been concerning, even to folks with gold-tinted glasses. Golden State still fancied itself a contender, even without Thompson. But against arguably the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, they have lost by 26 and 39 points.

Yes, it’s early, but does that strike you as something a contender would do?

If the Warriors are going to reach that level, they have much longer to go than anyone — even the most ardent Dubs pessimist — initially thought.

Of course, things will change for the better when Green’s defensive genius and offensive playmaking ability enters the equation in the coming days.

But will Green unlock Andrew Wiggins, who looks uncomfortable playing on Steph Curry’s wing? (That’s kind of an important role.) Wiggins shot 6 for 18 Friday

Will he help Kelly Oubre — the Warriors’ only other viable two-way starter — make an open outside shot while also helping him avoid tying to take mid-range shots over three defenders?

Oubre made one of 10 shots Friday. He has made four out of 24 through two games and missed all 11 of his three-pointers. Wiggins was 6 for 18 Friday. He is 10 for 34 overall and has missed eight of his 10 three-pointers. 



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25 nov. 2020
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