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ACTIE GOED DOEL AVAAZ / 'ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL' / MUZIEK: Pharrell Williams - Freedom - 'Over 10% of humanity is gay, fighting for the basic right to fall in love -- we die for it, are tortured for it'

Pharrell Williams - Freedom

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"The quotation "All men are created equal" has been called an "immortal declaration," and "perhaps [the] single phrase" of the American Revolutionary period with the greatest "continuing importance."[1][2] Thomas Jefferson first used the phrase in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which he penned in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution. It was thereafter quoted and incorporated into speeches by a wide array of substantial figures in American political and social life in the United States. The final form of the phrase was stylized by Benjamin Franklin.[3]


AVAAZ: Ondersteun de reddingsacties voor homo's in Tsjetsjenië

18.659 mensen hebben gedoneerd. Op naar de 20.000
BREAKING: de president van Tsjetsjenië heeft gezegd dat hij in de komende vier weken homoseksuelen in de regio wil uitroeien. 

De activisten die zich inzetten tegen de onderdrukking van homoseksuelen hebben dringend meer hulp nodig.

Hun ondergrondse reddingsoperaties kunnen niet op tegen de schurkerige overheidsacties waarbij “verdachten van homoseksualiteit” gevangen worden genomen, gemarteld en in sommige gevallen -- als ze weigeren de namen van vrienden en geliefden op te geven -- worden vermoord.

Maar wij kunnen levens redden -- door opvanghuizen, transport en juridische bijstand te financieren. En door media-aandacht te genereren en campagnes op te zetten tegen antihomowetten. Elke dag weer worden er mensen opgepakt -- samen laten we ze zien dat de wereld niet zal toekijken terwijl Tsjetsjenië homoseksuelen probeert uit te roeien en steunen we lokale activisten die zich inzetten voor het recht om lief te hebben wie je wilt.

NB: de foto die in deze campagne gebruikt wordt is elders in de Russische Federatie genomen, waar LGBT-groepen zich inzetten voor homorechten.

Dear friends, 

Over 10% of humanity is gay, fighting for the basic right to fall in love -- we die for it, are tortured for it, lose families, friends, jobs, housing, children for it. Now men in Chechnya are being rounded up, imprisoned, electrocuted, and beaten for it.

They’ve called on the world to answer their pleas for help, to show governments everywhere that humanity will not stand by as gay people are attacked and killed. 

We can answer their call and power an underground rescue network in Chechnya, then take the fight to where gay people are most under attack -- making Chechnya the beginning of a global response to legalize love for our whole human community:

Avaaz has already found the way to win the right to love in the hardest hit areas of the world -- together we can urgently:
  • fund safe houses where gay people can hide from authorities
  • send investigative journalists to expose anti-gay abuse and violence
  • back local activists where these attacks take place to win the basic right to love whoever they choose
  • ramp up international pressure on governments and diplomats to make gay rights protection a part of negotiations, trade deals, and more
  • and launch public awareness campaigns in the most prejudiced communities using the psychology we know works to change hearts and minds
When a terrible government-led gay attack was launched in Uganda, Avaaz successfully established secure housing, security training, support for a rescue network, and advocated to water down a brutal gay death penalty law, saving countless lives.

Now that same gay community is leading a global activist force that not only protects people inside Uganda, but advocates for other local activist networks, counsels diplomats on how to end this kind of discrimination and even brought the American religious leader responsible for the attack to court!

We need this kind of hopeful resistance in Chechnya, to help local activists there survive government round-ups and interrogations that force them to reveal the names of their friends and lovers. But we also need it in the Middle East, where men are beheaded for being gay. And in South Africa, where women are murdered outside of dance clubs for being “suspected lesbians”. We need it in America, where LGBT kids still kill themselves in horrifying numbers. Let’s help fuel the fight for those dying for love, everywhere:

I woke up this morning next to my wife, cuddling our baby daughter in her arms. I can’t tell you how that made my heart feel except to say that “explosive” doesn’t do it justice. It’s time to give the world the right to that same sweet morning. Together.

With love,

P.S. Over 1 million of us have already called on Russia's leaders to intervene in Chechnya, and we’ve helped get heads of state and the global media to take our message directly to President Putin. But investigators just found four more secret prisons. For the moment, gay men’s only hope is fellow citizens prepared to put their own lives at risk to spirit them to safety. We can give them the funds they need to act. Click here to join

Note: In absence of relevant images from Chechnya, this image featured here is from Russia.

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