dinsdag 17 november 2020

CABARET / KIMMEL: 'Trump is "Dejected" & "Fuming" Over Election Results' - 'Waarom wordt Trump geen president van Alaska..?' / HUMOR ANALYSE / TRUMULT OVER 2020 VERKIEZINGEN USA /


Trump is "Dejected" & "Fuming" Over Election Results

13 nov. 2020

17,4 mln. abonnees

Trump is reportedly feeling down about his current situation, took time in his extremely busy schedule to have lunch with VP Mike Pence, took aim at Fox News on Twitter, Jimmy suggests that maybe Trump should just become President of Alaska, GOP Senators are starting to agree that Joe Biden should be getting intelligence briefings, Scott Baio got an exciting retweet from Trump himself, a new Trump Election Fraud Hotline that you definitely should NOT prank call… (202) 499-4921, Cory Lewandowski tested positive for COVID, flying cars are coming to Florida, and a new sitcom from Trump & Biden. 

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