dinsdag 6 mei 2014

NBA Play-Offs zijn 'heated up'..!!

Pas een ronde van de NBA Play-Offs is geschiedenis, maar wat is er al veel gebeurd! Naast fantastisch basketball, spanning, sensatie, helaas ook was negatieve gebeurtenissen, waarvan de gigantische rel rond Clippers-eigenaar wel erg daverend was en nog heel lang voor tumult en nasleep zal zorgen.

Hierover schreef Stephen Jackson, zelf ook geen katje om zonder handschoenen aan te pakken, een rap over zijn vroegere baas:


Die is hier te horen


Is this a court or this a cotton field? //
Can someone please explain exactly what this is? //
I heard they hating but I ain’t surprised //
Same reason Martin Luther King died


Dear Mr. Sterling, here’s a speech for you //
I had a dream that the Klan had a sheet for you //
We don’t understand, we need an explanation //
Is this the Staples Center or a plantation? //
Cotton pickers running up that hardwood //
While Massah overlooking like it’s all good //
Floor seats next to his Lupita //
Sneak in the slave quarters just to meet her //
12 years a slave, 12 years a slave //
He say he clothed us and he feed us //
Uncle Toms yelling that they need a raise //
Don’t want to smile but they really need us


It be the same people cut your check //
be the same people that give you no respect //
Beat you with a whip, a noose around your neck //
hang you from a tree, yeah, you know the rest

Ook David West maakte dezelfde soort associaties als Jackson:

Pacers forward David West also evoked slavery in his reaction to Sterling’s comments.

“All this Sterling outrage speaks to how naive and gullible folks have become about race,” West wrote on Twitter. “Folks buying into this post-racial society mythology. … Sterling basically articulated Plantation Politics: Make money off the Buck, lay with the Women, no association in public, good or bad.

(Van www.cnnsi.com)

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