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The Ajax foundation have produced a wonderful video for young Ajax fan Jay-Jay Willems

Gepubliceerd op 17 dec. 2013

8 Year old Jay-Jay Willems signs for Ajax and takes part in 1st team
The Ajax foundation have produced a wonderful video for young Ajax fan Jay-Jay Willems.

In the video, 8 year old Jay-Jay visits the Ajax training ground, gets signed, is introduced in a press conference unveiling himself and takes part in the first team warm up ahead of the NEC Breda match.

The young boy has IBS abdominal ache and his illness plays a huge part in his day-to-day life.

Our Dutch correspondent Jossi de Bruijn kindly translated the clip for us:

At foundation "opkikker" we give sick children the day to never forget, so that can overcome to difficult days of their sickness. Now we are making the dream come true for Jay-Jay.

Frank de Boer: 'I would like to introduce a new player. Jay-Jay is a left forward and during training he got our attention. With his qualities we think he eventually can play with the first team.'

'With Fox News we keep an eye of the stars of the future. Look at this guy from Ajax. Jay-Jay, is a fast, smart, roguish player. He knows a lot about football, you can see that in the way he moves. Pay attention to this little guy, another hero is born at Ajax, Jay-Jay Willems.'

Without the help of the Ajax Foundation his dream would never come true and without your help nothing can work anymore. Help us and donate so we can help to be able to give sick children the day of their lifes!
In this heartwarming story, Ajax fan Jay-Jay Willems got the the opportunity of a lifetime and stood in the boots of an Ajax player for two unique days. The video produced by The Ajax Foundation, shows the 8 year old, who suffers from a chronic illness, visiting the Ajax training ground, getting signed, and is then introduced in a press conference by Frank de Boer. The young star then takes part in a first team warmup ahead of the NEC Breda match.

A very nice touch from foundation 'Opkikker'.
The Ajax and Opkikker Foundation, just pulled out what could be considered as the coolest stunt ever in the life of 8-year-old Jay-Jay Willems.

The young Ajax honorary superstar, has a very aggressive form of chronic IBS, that makes his daily life a struggle as well as that of his family. Jay-Jay has to take over a gallon of medication through a tube in his stomach, but the never-say-die youngblood doesn't allow small minutia like that to get in the way of his football, not even when he's under heavy doses of morphine to bear the pain.

To help alleviate Jay-Jay's daily strife, Ajax and Opkikker decided to give the brave lad a gift of a lifetime. Jay-Jay got to play with Ajax's first team! The small Dutch kid was the guest of honor during last Friday's training and press conference and on Saturday night, Jay-Jay debuted with the team in a league match against N.A.C Breda, where he warmed up along with all his player heroes in the pitch, to later watch the match from the bench with the rest of the squad.

It was surely a dream come true for Jay-Jay. Hopefully the memories will last him a lifetime and ease things on the little boy, who has already lived so much.

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