maandag 16 mei 2016

CITAAT MANU GINOBILI / SI: "Only one team can do it"

"It's been an amazing run," Ginobili said. "We all enjoy playing with each other. We've accomplished amazing things. We won 67 games. Of course, it's disappointing when you don't end up winning the last game. But only one team can do it. In 14 seasons in my case, it happened a lot of times."

"I'm still proud of having played with those guys for so many years and winning so many games and even playing with the new guys. It's the reason why you always want to come back and keep being part of this because of the amazing chemistry and the good times and good people that you play with and spend time with. It's not always about winning a game or winning a championship. You learn from losses and enjoy the every day, too."

SI-artikel (met heel veel links) waar dit citaat uitkomt vind je   ---  Hier  ---

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