zaterdag 31 augustus 2019

SHARTIE AART DEKKER / A STABLE GENIUS GREAT IDEA: Re-direct Dorian into Mar-a-Lago using a Nuclear Bomb - Have Trump Coordinate Disaster Releave Himself (since he's the Best!)

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'A Good Idea?'

Just a wild thought: would it, -may be, very maybe- be possible to re-direct Hurricane Dorian using a nuclear bomb in such a way that it only hits Mar-a-Lago? If possible, could somebody garuanty that POTUS himself is coordinating disaster-releave?

(of course, normally wise I would never joke about natural disasters. But since the very stable genius himself found it appropiate to talk about Puerto Rica being a  corrupt hell-hole when Dorian was about to hit Puerto Rico...yes, I think you have it...)


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