donderdag 25 februari 2016

BASKETBALL BIJ DE BUREN / INTERNATIONAAL TOERNOOI / DUITSLAND Nog enkele Plaatsen Vrij op Spring Cup Dusseldorf in April

Bericht uit Duitsland (van de organisatie van de Springcup)

Hello there,
My Name is Sean Lowe and me and my Team are Organizing a Big Basketball Tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany
every Year. This Year we are organizing the "Spring Cup 2016". ( 16.4. for Women and 17.4 for Men )
We will have about 20 Teams each day. The Level is from Beginners to Semi Professional. The Teams will be split into fair Groups. This Year we also invite Teams from other countries, and therefor send you the flyer with all Details.
If your Team would like to play in the Tournament, please feel free to contact us.
Also if you have any Questions please let me know.
Kind Regards
Sean Lowe
Tel: 0049-0176/70713587

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