donderdag 5 april 2018

GEZOCHT / TEGENSTANDER(S) VOOR FRANS WU16-TEAM: Tussen 2-mei en 5-mei 2018


Ik sprat een beetje het nederlands maar ik schrijf het liefst in het Engels.

I am a women's basketball Coach in Compiègne (north of Paris) (,

I am would like to come with an U16 team to Holland the 2-3-4-5 of may and i am searching for teams and clubs that we could meet to play and  practice with so that they can discover other ways of playing, working and another culture aswell.

I would be so very happy if you think that we could organize 1 or 2 games or a game and a practice ?

Could you please redirect my mail to the person who would be able to help me if that is not you ?

If you think that you have other contacts in other clubs nearby or south of the Nederlands, please feel free to transfer my mail or to give me email adresses.

Bedankt for het lezen

Ik heb ook whatsapp : +33 6 75 06 88 42

(I have family in Kwintsheul, ze hebben een taxibedrijf, en mijn Opa woont in Den Bosch)

Coach Aafke
La commission des jeunes
Stade Compiegnois BB

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